People with memory impairment need things to do.

Caregivers need tools so they can provide things for people to do.

Play to Remember is the link so they can do things together!

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Our Mission

The Play to Remember mission is to:

Healing Hands

1.  Help family members connect with loved ones who have memory impairment.

2.  Provide games and activities to reduce isolation.

3.  Offer families time to smile, laugh and enjoy being together. 

Benefits of Play

“It is the things we play with and the people who help us play that makes a great difference in our lives.” Fred Rogers
Be the person who makes a difference in the life of someone with memory impairment.
Play with someone today!

Art Class
Senior Citizen Exercise Class


Play requires movement. Whether large or small, movement creates muscle stimulation, increased blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body.  The brain becomes more alert and responsive. Play may improve cognitive function as well as help with problem solving. The immune system may even receive a boost from play.


Playing, doing something just for fun, releases endorphins which bring about a sense of well-being. There are no expectations of right or wrong. Play helps to relive boredom and can bring about a sense of accomplishment.  Playing with objects and toys can refocus energy and lower stress and anxiety. 
Play makes you feel good!


Adults with dementia spend a great deal of time alone, sitting and waiting. Inactivity can lead to isolation and depression. Playing with others helps promote social interactions. Being around others who are playful is contagious. Play encourages awareness of people and surroundings.  Play helps to keep families connected.

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The Play to Remember Story

Making and Keeping Connections

My name is Phyllis Campbell. Play to Remember came about from a combination of my work with special needs children and my mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease. With no appropriate games and few ways to purposefully interact, I watched my mother sit and slip further away each day. I knew I should do more but did not know what to do so I did nothing.

Later, as I worked with my preschool children, I realized that the tools and methods I used to help make connections with them were the same materials that could have been used with my mother.

I put together simple games and activities that caregivers and family members could have on hand and use throughout the day.   

I missed my opportunity to play with my mother, but I wanted to make certain others do not miss out on their chance to keep connections alive.

                              In memory of my mother,

                             Play to Remember was born!

Playing Card

Play to Remember offers easy to play games for purposeful interactions between caregivers and people with memory impairments.

Our products provide families access to easy-to-use materials, which can be modified for various abilities.  

Games can be used in any order with no "right or wrong" way to play.

Games are designed as 5-10 minute activities.

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Ideas to jump start activities

"Today We Can . . ." cards provide caregivers a starting point for activity planning.  The set comes with 104 easy and purposeful activities, divided into six categories - Games (cognitive), Building (Small Muscle), Movement (Large Muscle), Art, Life Skills and The Senses.  Simple instructions and ways to modify each activity are included.


Games for Thinking and Communication

The Talk, Play & Connect Kit provides six games in an easy to carry tote, to enhance interactions and remembering. Games included are vocabulary cards, concept cards, picture bingo, worksheets with plastic sleeve and dry erase marker, coloring book and hidden picture game.


Games for Thinking and Doing

The Build, Play & Connect Kit provides six sets of materials focusing on thinking/problem solving, sensory, and small muscle skills.  Games include magnetic pattern blocks with board, wood block designs, craft stick design game, sort and classify with tray, button hunt game, and 3 fidget toys.


Talk, Play & Connect Kit -$130.00

Build, Play & Connect Kit - $130.00

Today We Can. . . Idea Cards - $40.00

Kits and Cards - $290.00

Kits, Cards and Training - $500.00

Play To Remember Products

Items may be purchased separately or in custom packs

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Seventy full color picture cards, divided into seven basic categories.  These cards can be used for naming, sorting, use, grouping, remembering and more.   Instruction card included.  Color coded pictures are packaged in a zippered pouch.

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Concept Cards provide five sets of games to enhance thinking skills.  Games included are: Logo Match, Go Togethers, Time to Rhyme, All About Opposites, and Size Sort.  Use these games to match, sort and classify pictures.  Instructions for each game included.  Color coded games packaged in a zippered pouch.

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Simple worksheets provide time to develop or maintain eye-hand coordination and small muscle skills.  Connect the dotted lines to complete pictures or designs. Word Find sheets have five  words per page with one word per line, reading only from left to right.  Same/Different sheets provide opportunity to find matching objects or select pictures that are different. 

12 sheets inside a write on/wipe off plastic sleeve.  Dry erase marker included for easy writing.

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Regular bingo can be too confusing for people with dementia. Picture cards of familiar objects make playing bingo easy and purposeful.  Each bingo game comes with 5 write on/wipe off game cards along with a set of call-out cards.  Choose from Household Objects, Clothes or Food Bingo.

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Color Creations provide 17 single item designs for coloring or painting. Large, pictures with few details make coloring fast and less confusing. Duplicate pages are provided with dots for easier coloring and painting.  Use with crayons, colored pencils, watercolor paints or dot markers (not included).


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Place a picture inside a two- or three-door sleeve.  Open one door at a time to show part of a picture.  Continue opening doors and taking guesses until the full picture is shown.  Use the game to strengthen vocabulary, talk about use of objects and lead into "did you ever" discussions.  Two sleeves, set of 15 picture cards and guide card in a zippered pouch.

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Table blocks are a simple tool for caregivers.  Stack, build or sort the various color blocks.  Copy designs or build your own creations.  Set of blocks, 9 design cards and guide card in a zippered pouch.

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Magnetic pattern blocks take the frustration out of creating designs.  These colorful blocks can be used for matching, designing and creating.  Design cards are available to copy and create.

Pattern blocks, 9 design cards, and guide card in a zippered pouch.  Magnetic write-on/wipe-off board included.

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Craft sticks with hook-and-loop fasteners make an easy and fun building tool.  Connect the ends of sticks together to make a variety of designs.  Use the design cards to create specific pictures.

20 sticky craft sticks, 9 design cards, guide card in a zippered pouch.

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The brain is always looking for patterns. Sorting and classifying items can be a satisfying activity for many people with dementia.  Putting objects together in like groups can ease confusion and provide a sense of accomplishment. 

3 sets of small objects, divided tray and guide card are included.


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Pour the beads and buttons into a small container.  Use tongs or slotted spoon and separate the buttons from the beads.  Design cards can be used to match up the buttons or create your own button designs.  

Set of buttons and beads, tongs, 5 button match cards and guide card in a zippered pouch.


Today We Can idea cards.jpg

"Today We Can . . ." cards provide caregivers a starting point for activity planning.  The set comes with 104 easy and purposeful activities, divided into six categories - Games (cognitive), Building (Small Muscle), Movement (Large Muscle), Art, Life Skills and The Senses.  Simple instructions and ways to modify each activity are included.


Combo Kits

Select the indivudual products right for you.

Call directly to order combo kits.

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Pick 4

Select any 4 individual games. 


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Select any 3 individual games.


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Tell us what you need and we will build the kit for you!

Price will vary

Caregiver Training

Workshops and More!

Games and materials are important so we can work effectively with people with memory impairments as well as developmental delays.  Without training, the materials do us little good. 

Caregivers (family members and hired workers) can benefit from practicing play techniques.  

Phyllis Campbell offers instruction on how to develop and use various games and activities.  Learn how to play, ways to engage clients and how to modify activities for different dementia and developmental stages. 

Let Phyllis show you how to use materials from around the house for play and remembering.

Workshops can be tailored from general games and activities to specific topics such as sensory activities, art or movement. "Make and Take" workshops are also available. 

Contact Phyllis through for more information about fun and informative training.

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